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“Quality” is a human perception, easy to recognize and appreciate.

It is not an abstract and elusive concept, but a concrete and verifiable experience.

The perception of value, quality, is the most concrete of experiences. The proof of the stove proves it: “whatever philosophical school you belong to, it is sufficient to sit on a hot stove to verify, without any recourse to intellectual discussion, that you are in a low quality condition and that the value of your position is negative. This low level of quality is not a nebulous or cryptoreligious metaphysical abstraction: it is an experience. Not a judgment on an experience, not a description of an experience: value is itself experience. So susceptible to prediction. And verification. It is reproducible. It is the least ambiguous and most univocal experience there is”. (Robert Pirsig, Lila).

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Antichi Law Firm

For over 35 years the Studio Antichi has been a sure point of reference for anyone who wants to assert their reasons before the Judges, in civil relations and commercial affairs, in relations with public administrations, in the defense of their rights and interests.

The vast experience acquired in the practice of civil and family law, commercial and corporate law, labor and public employment, administrative law, allows anyone (private individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, public bodies) to avail of personalized and qualified assistance and advice, which aim first of all at satisfying the specific demand for justice and at realizing the substantial interests of the Client.

The Studio Antichi is based on the consolidated experience of internal collaborators for the management of litigation and for debt collection activities.



Latest news and events organized by the Firm
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"Their wages are still called with this honorary word, so that they receive them from customers for the honor of the protection they take of them" (T. Garzoni)

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The Antichi Law Firm is located in the historical city center of Grosseto,
in Piazza San Michele n.3

We are open from Monday to Friday with time 8.30/13.00 and 15.00/19.30

Contact us, we are ready to answer all your questions.

Monday – Friday: 8.30 – 13.00 / 15.00 – 19.30

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