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“Reliability is one of the most important virtue I looking for in a collaborator and is one of the most difficult to find” (Roberto Re)

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Paola Patruno
Office Manager
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Samanta Zoppetti
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Francesco Scarpetti
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Filippo Del Mazza
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"Know yourself. Know the customer. Innovate." (Beth Comstock)

The 35 years of experience in the legal field are the history of our business and one of the most important factors to ensure maximum attention to the customer. Maximum attention to the customer thanks to a secretariat always punctual and timely and a dedicated customer area ready to answer at every customer needs.

We work in all areas of civil and criminal law, labour law and company law as well as in family law and tax law. We manage with the maximun professionalism the interests of our customers, both private and companies, to offer a service custom made to their needs.

Transparency and clarity are two of the key words of our work: it’s the first thing we offer to the customer because it’s necessary to go in the same direction to protect their rights and interests. Our work is a teamwork.

A daily work to ensure confidence at the base of the relationship between our customers and the Antichi Law Firm. A confidence to increase day after day to achieve the result of maximum customer satisfaction.

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“If it didn’t work in Hollywood, I was ready to be the best secretary in the world.”