“At the end of an idle day, when no client had come knocking on his door, the lawyer came out of his firm rubbing his hands with a happy air, and said:
Good day, no one came to ask me to anticipate his expenses” (Piero Calamandrei)

“The salary is still called with this honorarian vocabulary, because from customers they receive it for honore of the protection they take of them” (T. Garzoni)

“The struggle for the right is a duty of the person to himself” (R. Jhering)

“You must know that injustice is for me the most atrocious thing in this world” (J. Wassermann)

The determination of the compensation due for the lawyer’s professional work and the methods of payment are the subject of a specific agreement between the lawyer and the client, preceded by the delivery of a general estimate, in relation to the particularity of the case.

On 10.3.2014, the new ministerial decree was issued updating the forensic parameters, that is, the reference values for the settlement by the judge of the lawyers’ compensation or for their determination.

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